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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The main condition for brands to maintain their presence in the markets with increasing competitive challenge is to foresee the changes in a timely manner and develop strategies tailored to such changes. Therefore, one of the most important market strategies that can be implemented for a customer is to target added values positioning that customer at the focal point of business enterprise by achieving more than customer satisfaction. It is a known fact that the cost of retaining existing customers is lower than the cost of gaining new customers. A long-term strategic direction can be determined to create customer loyalty. This survey allows performing “expectation-satisfaction” analyses by determining the degree of importance for expectations of customers. Existing and potential “perceived value” and “perceived quality” are determined for the companies. Customer satisfaction survey:

Reveals buying patterns;

  • Identifies the motives behind choosing a specific brand or product,
  • Allows the company to perform a status assessment based on various criteria (quality, competitive price, product range, etc.).
  • Determines weaknesses by comparing to the competitors based on certain criteria.
  • Identifies the degree and level of satisfaction.
  • Determines the conditions required to retain the existing customers.
  • Identifies ways to gain new customers.
  • Creates a roadmap for improvement and development by comparing the existing service concept and process to those implemented by competitors.
  • Helps in creating differentiation strategies.
  • Provides information on commercial conditions and environment required,
  • Gives insights into factors affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Helps to determine the expectations of customers that are met or unmet.

Çözüm Research professionals are ready to develop strategies aimed at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey
This content was updated on 12 February 2019.