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Ongoing Surveys
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Ongoing Surveys
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Dealer Satisfaction Surveys

The main objective of the dealer satisfaction survey is to determine the satisfaction level of dealers and develop solution offers. In parallel with this main objective, their level of satisfaction about services, the problems they encounter, their opinions on sales networks and their expectations and recommendations can be measured by comparing to the competitors. The outcomes are used as datasets in the course of making strategic decisions aimed at improving the efficiency and activity level of the dealer network, determining the hindering effects, increasing the service quality and establishing sustainability.

Dealer Satisfaction Survey determines the opinions of dealers on;

  • Brands sold by dealers and competitors’ brands,
  • Product and product properties,
  • Ordered products,
  • Quotation,
  • Delivery process,
  • Payment plans,
  • Promotions and advertisement campaigns,
  • Advertising/ Promotion support.
  • In addition, after-sale service level measurements are performed and tendencies and approaches about the market dynamics are determined.
  • Our professionals are ready to develop effective strategies that will help you make decisions on your dealers acting as a meeting point between your brand and customers.

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Dealer Satisfaction Survey


This content was updated on 20 September 2018.