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Ongoing Surveys
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Ongoing Surveys
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Face to Face Interviews

In this type of survey, an “interviewer” collects the questionnaire forms. The rate of response is high since the interviewer interacts with the responders face to face. The level of communication established between them determines the accuracy of the answers and makes it possible for the interviewer to explain the unclear points.

Advantages of face to face interviews;

  • High response rate,
  • Accurate data collection due to the trust relationship established with the responder,
  • Check the accuracy of responses with the support of interviewers.
  • Showing images to responders as supporting materials clarifying the questionnaires

Disadvantages of face to face interviews;

  • Higher survey costs compared to the other survey methods.
  • Extended field survey durations.
  • The possibility of wrong guidance due to responders and interviewers.
  • Erroneous marking of answers by the interviewer.

Computer-aided face to face interviews;

It is a different type of face to face interview. Responders answer the questions using a computer. The process is supported with various applications to clarify questions. Applications are facilitated through windows and messages. There is an intervention to assist and provide guidance to responders by personnel. Computer-aided face to face interviews may be performed at locations such as shopping malls, conference halls, exhibitions, etc.


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Face to Face Interviews
This content was updated on 12 February 2019.