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Ongoing Surveys
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Ongoing Surveys
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Online Surveys

Çözüm Research offers service to each company which would like to organize their researches on their own via Lime survey.  Depending on the situation and needs, Çözüm executives could support the entire process as well.

Via our methodology;

  • You can prepare your questionnaires and reach your targets readily,
  • You can visualize the graphics including interviewers’ answers,
  • You can update/revise questionnaire, include and exclude questions,
  • You can reach unlimited participants,
  • You can transfer the results via Microsoft Excel or CSV formats,
  • You can implement questionnaires in different languages,
  • You can work online on the internet without any payment or additional equipment.

Please click to get information/proposal about online surveys.

Online Survey
This content was updated on 12 February 2019.