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Ongoing Surveys
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Pre-test Researches

Pre-test research is about measuring the success level that will be achieved with the advertising concepts or materials before they are used for the target group. If needed the advertising concept or materials must be revised. The main objective is to address the target group with optimum advertisements.

Advantages of pre-test surveys;

  • Optimizes the advertising concepts or materials before they are used,
  • Approximate level of credits to be earned through advertisements, persuasion level, the potential of making difference, etc. can be estimated,
  • It is possible to foresee the approximate power of advertisements about changing the buying tendencies,
  • If needed, commercials are revised in parallel with the liking and demands of the target group,
  • It provides the opportunity of using the budget in the most effective manner through optimization of advertisements before launching,
  • It allows taking right decisions about the media plan in connection with the advertisements,
  • It gives insights about the effect of the advertisements on the brand image and position.

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Pre-Test Research
This content was updated on 12 February 2019.