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About Us

Çözüm is a professional research agency that was founded in 1997 for the purpose of carrying out national and international marketing and public surveys in economic and social domains. At present, the company offers services for 81 cities in our country without differentiating between urban and rural areas.

Çözüm will generate implementable solutions by contemplating on your projects in collaboration with you. Our professional staff pursues the principle of shared wisdom in all projects and they offer data with the highest level of accuracy in a time-efficient manner and at competitive prices.

An initial business relationship established with Çözüm turned into a long-lasting and efficient collaboration for the majority of our customers. For us, bolstering relationships with mutual care, respect and trust are of higher priority than “doing business” only. Our goal is to make sure that each customer relying on Çözüm Araştırma about market researches achieves substantial gains and positions us as a reliable solution partner in connection with the data required for decision-making process aimed at corporate profitability. Çözüm Araştırma strictly follows the codes of conduct set by professional organizations such as ESOMAR ICC. etc.

Hope to come together with you to address your needs with Çözüm Araştırma professionals.

This content was updated on 13 September 2018.